Life Sciences

Octaviant Financial works directly with life sciences companies to design payment programs and therapeutic warranties tailored to the needs and market conditions facing individual biopharmaceutical companies.  An OFX Loan and Warranty can be applied to any treatment class, including single-dose gene and cell therapies. Managed markets teams working on innovative therapies face several challenges, including:

  • The burden of a high upfront payment on private and public payers
  • The risk of therapeutic failure to employers
  • The uncertainties around potential therapeutic benefit to prescribers
  • Designing performance guarantees that make sense and meet strict regulatory requirements

Managed markets teams can solve these challenges by incorporating a tailored OFX Loan and Warranty into their commercial strategy. An OFX Loan converts the high upfront cost of a gene or cell therapy into a predictable stream of payments that can be paired with a manufacturer-backed warranty that protects a payer against therapeutic failure. We are working with insurance companies to activate our warranty strategies for our life sciences clients, which are designed to set the standard for the industry. Our warranty and risk transfer strategies are designed to give our clients the greatest control over the structure and nature of their warranty programs while also being highly economical.

OFX products meet the financial, access and risk challenges to Payers, Manufacturers and Patients

OFX Loans are proprietary financial instruments specifically designed to be used with healthcare plans and payers, giving these organizations the option to transfer the ongoing liability associated with the therapy from one payer to another when beneficiaries move. Payers who decide to pay the total cost upfront may still utilize a therapeutic warranty. Payers can also opt for a financing product along with a warranty to spread cost over time. This can ultimately enhance traditional commercial strategies for bringing treatments to patients.

OFX products permit the transfer of loan liability

When life sciences companies are ready to advance therapeutic candidates into mid- stage clinical development, Octaviant Financial can work in parallel—implementing programs that increase patient access, and that assist in the path to market and preparation for commercialization. Octaviant Financial is also working life sciences companies to apply its warranty strategies to  marketed products.