It is critical for payors to start considering new ways to manage the expense of new and potentially curative gene and cell therapies. Specifically, payors should look to navigate the following:

  • Cost-benefit as it relates to a high upfront cost
  • Payments from therapeutic warranties should therapies fail
  • Increase in stop-loss premiums if stop-loss is activated
  • Beneficiary or patient moves to a new employer or plan after receiving HCT (patient mobility)

Octaviant Financial has developed a proprietary alternative payment model to address the primary challenges associated with high-cost therapies (HCTs). Our products convert a high one-time upfront cost into a stream of smaller predictable pay-over-time payments.

OFX products can convert high, one-time upfront cost into smaller, pay-over time payments

We also integrate warranties as a core feature of our product to provide a performance guarantee directly to the payor. Both our specialized financing and warranty programs, when combined as a single instrument, are designed to transfer from payor to payor and mandate portability by leveraging existing healthcare law and regulation. Our goal is to make the decision making process for payors to offer HCTs easier and increase the accessibility of potentially life transforming treatments.

Our products and services can be used in conjunction with any high-cost therapy, but they work best when the payment is for the one time use of a high-cost therapy.