Octaviant Financial’s mission is to assist drug developers, payers, and providers make innovative treatments, such as gene and cell therapies, as accessible as possible for patients living with rare disease. We are doing this by bringing novel ways for the healthcare system to absorb high upfront costs, spread risk, and share the societal benefits of these transformative therapies.

Gene and cell therapies have the potential to change how we think about medicine. A single treatment therapy holds the promise of curing patients, minimizing reliance on recurring doses, and ultimately reducing the overall financial burden on the healthcare system if the high upfront costs for these therapies can be adequately absorbed and spread through the system.

Octaviant Financial works directly with pharmaceutical companies to design alternative payment and therapeutic warranty strategies. We strive to provide next generation benefit designs that leverage the latest guidelines regulating the pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceutical goods.  We are partnering with leading reinsurance providers to incorporate our ideas into their policy designs. Octaviant Financial works with payers to provide an alternative payment method for high-cost therapies (HCT) which is easy to understand and that comes with warranties to ensure the performance of the therapies they purchase for beneficiaries.

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