The OFX Product

Octaviant Financial (OFX) has created a proprietary financial instrument that combines a payment plan with a first of its kind therapeutic warranty to solve for the total challenges presented by high-cost therapies (HCTs).  While Octaviant Financial works with life sciences companies to establish standalone therapeutic warranties, it is the combination of an OFX payment plan with a therapeutic warranty that lowers the cost of HCTs and provides a means for transferring payment obligations between payers.

An OFX Loan is tailored to meet the needs of drug manufacturers and payers. Payers can directly establish an OFX Loan paired with a warranty that is backed by the manufacturer or backed through Octaviant Financial. Alternatively, an OFX Loan and associated warranty can be integrated directly into traditional and novel stop-loss coverage.

The Octaviant Financial Product: an OFX Loan plus an OFX-designed warranty

The OFX Loan and Warranty are structured such that both are portable. Should a beneficiary move from one plan to another, the warranty and all or some of the remaining loan obligation associated with the high-cost therapy can transfer with the beneficiary to the new plan.

The Octaviant Financial Product can travel with the patient beneficiary from plan to plan

Each use of an Octaviant Financial product by a manufacturer will vary across indications due to the nature of the therapeutic agent, the competitive landscape, clinical trial results, or pricing dynamics, among many other factors. We are working with life sciences companies to design custom financing and warranty solutions.